MultiFace™-UW1 USB DMX Interface

UW1-W01-Front-RightUp-RGB-W490xH509px (CS)UW1-W04-Rear-RightUp-RGB-W490xH509pxUW1-W05-Rear-straight-RGB-W490xH509pxUW1-W02-Front-LeftUp-RGB-W490xH509pxUW1-W03-Front-straight_RGB-W490xH509pxUW1-W06-Top-straight_RGB-W490xH509px

The MULTIFACE™-UW-1 is a USB-to-DMX interface for professionals. As such, it adds two key advantages to generic USB/DMX interfaces/ dongles. One being the MCU-based frame buffer which makes sure that regardless of USB transfer rates or bus activity the DMX signal is always timed correctly and consistently. The other is full galvanic isolation of the DMX bus, making sure your connected PC is protected at any time. The UW-1 allows for common unidirectional data traffic as well as for bidirectional data traffic, thus enabling RDM and software updates over DMX with suitable connected devices. An internal termination makes sure that the DMX-bus works reflection-free. The full metal housing and the rubber bumper corners grant ruggedness. If absolute robust DMX single-universe DMX data is required, this is the choice.

  • Single-universe (512 channels) USB-to-DMX interface
  • Entirely bus-powered, no external power supply needed
  • MCU-based frame buffer for consistent and correctly timed DMX output
  • Galvanic isolation of both power and data lines
  • Unidirectional mode with the female XLR DMX socket sending data and the male XLR DMX socket receiving data simultaneously
  • Bidirectional mode for RDM, RS485 device control or updates-over-DMX with data sent and received both through the female XLR output
  • USB 2.0 connection based on FTDI FT245RL, using commonly available USB drivers and granting wide software compatibility
  • 3-pin XLR connectors with locking female output connector
  • Additional RJ45 connector for generic RS485 connection
  • Sturdy all-metal case with rubber bumpers incl. truss tube cavities and M10 coupler thread insert
  • Protocol: DMX-512 USITT (single universe)
  • Out-/Input: 3-pin XLR female/male socket [pin 1 shield, pin 2 (-), pin 3 (+)]
  • Power supply: USB bus-powered
  • Size WxHxD: 121 x 53.5 x 127.5mm
  • Weight: 0.45kg
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MF MultiFace UW-1 (A) [UV-NPC] SC
Order Code: 1007301
5060502925046$ 75.00
Single cartons per master carton (PU): 8
AC Cord: NPC
HS Code: 8537109199
Single carton - Size: 190.000/225.000/80.000mm (0.00342cbm), Weight: 0.75kg
Master carton - Size: 400.000/340.000/250.000mm (0.034cbm), Weight: 6.50kg

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