40+ Years of lighting up your world: MULTIFORM.

Welcome to MULTIFORM™ architainment lighting systems, where practical features are merged with world-class durability to meet your entertainment or architectural lighting needs. If you look for a lasting performance just as your own, MULTIFORM™ is your choice.

Spot Lights
Set your action into the right light with our spot light sources.
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Strip Lights
Wash your walls with color or illuminate your backdrops with our strip light sources.
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Drive your rig the the easy way with our intuitive controllers.
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Get your grip on the small background tasks with our electronic accessories.
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  • Northern Lights justify their name

    Northern Lights justify their name

    FEB-2022: Northern Lights, the leading show technology distributor in Iceland, has joined us for brighter lights in northern Europe.
  • Germany lifts the curtain

    Germany lifts the curtain

    April-2022: BMS brings Multiform Lighting backs to its 2nd strongest legacy market – Germany.
  • Ireland goes Multiform

    Ireland goes Multiform

    JAN-2022: DJ Box in Ireland has joined us on our mission for smarter lighting choices around the world.
  • Join Multiform™

    Join Multiform™

    We welcome qualified operators and integrators and look for stocking distributors. Contact us at sales [at] adelto [dot] com
  • Poland on a bright mission

    Poland on a bright mission

    MAR-2022: SonicSpace will bring the colours of Multiform to the stages and venues of their home country of Poland.

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