MultiWall GII HT3024

The Multiwall © GII-HT3024 is a new addition to the Multiwall © range and introduces the popular TriLED feature to the linear light source range. While the conical dispersion pattern which comes along with the TriLED choice makes this unit less suitable for wall washing, it is an excellent and highly efficient choice for general linear illumination purposes, where a color-changing linear light source with superior output and long-term reliability is needed. It features a new unique cooling technology, which keeps the 72W-LED panel at appropriate working temperature, and hence promises extended lifetime. The user can easily convert the unit between indoor (connectors) and outdoor version (PG cable glands).


  • LEDpanel with 24pcs. of ultra-bright 3x1W RGB MulTriCell LEDs (24x1W Red, 24x1W Green, 24x1W Blue), total LED power 72W
  • Power limiter to 60W under peak thermal conditions
  • Total luminous output (all colors full level) 3400lm
  • CDA™ (Current Drive Array) technology with high-efficiency switch-mode current regulators
  • DISSIMAX™ heatsink with optimized geometry to control temperature for longer LED lifetime
  • ClearPass™ optical-grade PMMA lenses with 25 degrees conical dispersion angle
  • IP-65 Ingress protection rating (if outdoor conversion kit fitted)
  • Switch mode power supply with wide-range input and PFC (EN61000-3-2 (Class C) compliant)
  • PowCon power in- and output connectors
  • 3-pin XLR sockets for DMX in- and output with lock mechanism on female connector
  • Convenient color-preset mode with 19 useful preset colors
  • Useful Preset Mode with 23 internal color fade presets
  • Flexible DMX control scheme, user-settable with 4 different DMX control modes, RGB and HSL, with either combined or separated dimmer/strobe channels.
  • DMX slave mode to easily connect several units to be controlled by the first unit in the chain
  • Sound-to-light function with AGC (automatic gain control)
  • User-adjustable white balance
  • Auto-shifting modulation frequency (PDM) for full TV-camera compliance
  • Maintenance information about duty hours, temperature and firmware version accessible
  • Backlit amber 63-segment cleartext display with optional automatic backlight-off mode
  • Extruded aluminium body with UV-resistant PE powder coating and lower M10 nut slot
  • Pressure compensation valve
  • 2xMulti-purpose, variable-position aluminum brackets
  • Outdoor conversion kit with 4xPG9 (2x for DMX cable, 2x for AC cable) available
  • Unit can be disassembled for service and maintenance (removable tempered glass cover)



  • Panels/Output: 1 panel, 3400 lm
  • Arrangement: 24x1W red, 24x1W green,24x1W blue
  • Optics: Secondary, 25 degrees conical
  • DMX Control: 3-5 Channels
  • IP Rating: 20 (indoor)/65 (outdoor)
  • AC requirement: 100-250 V~ 50-60Hz
  • Max. Power: 80W
  • Dimension 1011.0 x 75.5 x 101.5mm WxHxD (without bracket)
  • Weight: 6.2kg net



EMC/Safety Compliance:

  • EU safety: EN60598-1:2008, EN60598-2-1:1989
  • EU EMC: EN55015: 2006 + A1:2007, EN61547:1995 + A1:2000
  • EU Harmonics: EN61000-3-2:2006
  • EU Flicker: EN61000-3-3:2008
  • US safety: UL60065
  • US EMC: FCC Part 15

This product meets both the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

Environmental Compliance:

  • This product is manufactured in accordance with EG directive 2002/95/EG of the European Union on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS).
  • This product does not contain more than 0.1% of weight of the SVHCs listed in annex XIV of the REACH regulation EC 1907/2006.



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