1st October 1971 Multiform Electronics Ltd formed.
November 1971 Iain Price-Smith becomes Managing Director
December 1971 Company moves into workshop in Queen Victoria’s Boat Shed by Teddington Lock on the Thames
May 1972 Original MULTIPHASE introduced for shop window display lighting
June 1974 Company moves to Portugal Road, Working.
1974 – 1976 Multiform becomes a sub-contract manufacturer of audio modules for the BBC Equipment department.
May 1976 Multiform becomes one of MIDAS Amplifications’s (today owned by Bosch Communications Systems) sub-contract manufacturers of modules for their live performance audio mixing desks.
March 1977 MULTIPHASE 404 introduced for discotheque lighting effects.
April 1977 MULTIPHASE 410 introduced for mobile disco operators.
Summer 1977 BADEM (in 1984 renamed to PLASA) formed – Multiform a founder member
September 1977 First BADEM (later PLASA) show – DISCOTEK 77 at Bloomsbury Hotel, London – Multiform exhibits for the first time
March 1980 Exhibit for the first time at the Frankfurt Music Messe
September 1980 Unveiled the prototypes of the MULTIPHASE 420 series at the BADEM (later PLASA) show
January 1981 Moved to a new factory unit in Uckfield, East Sussex.
September 1981 MULTIPHASE 420 series launched at the BADEM – DISCOTEK 81 (later PLASA) show
September 1982 MULTIPHASE 425 & 426 introduced with MULTIPAC 4×1 & 6 WAY ZONER at Badem – DISCOTEK 82 (later PLASA)
September 1983 Introduced the TOUCH SENSITIVE SWITCHBOARD – TSB426. In addition the MATRIX CONVERTER – MCU426, was also released at BADEM (later PLASA) show
September 1984 MULTIPHASE 412 released at the first PLASA Show
September 1985 LIGHT-J introduced at PLASA Show
January 1986 The 1000th MULTIPHASE 412
September 1986 PLASA Show -LIGHT FINGERS Touch Panel and REMOTE SWITCH PANEL released
March 1987 RAKPAC 610 Dimmer Pack, released at Frankfurt Music Messe.
May 1987 First time exhibited at S.I.B. Show in Rimini
September 1987 LIGHTMIX 430 released at PLASA Show
March 1988 Prototype of SCORPIO 1800 Rock Desk unveiled at Frankfurt Musik Messe.
September 1988 PLASA Show – QUATTRO four zone controller and the MULTIPAC 4×2 released.
March 1990 Frankfurt Music Messe – AQUARIUS 1800 2 preset desk and RAKPAC 605 Dimmer Pack released.
September 1990 PLASA Light & Sound Show – MAESTRO 16 channel Touch Controller released and MULTIPATCH previewed.
March 1991 Frankfurt Music Messe – MINI 6 and AQUARIUS 6 released.
Summer 1991 Computer network and MRP System installed in factory
November 1991 20th Anniversary Celebration
September 1993 PLASA show – ZODIAC 18 and DEMUX 648 released.
September 1994 PLASA 1994 – new M RANGE smoke machines, ZODIAC 36, RAKPAC 2610 and RAKPAC 2410 released.
September 1996 PLASA 96 – released RAKPAC 4610 range of 4U dimmer packs for stage lighting applications. Multiform becomes the UK distributor of Sagitter and Griven.
September 1998 PLASA 98 – LEVEL versions of RAKPAC 2410, 2610 and 4610 with front panel dimmers released. Multiform wins an award from PLASA for being only one of 2 companies that had exhibited at every BADEM/PLASA show in its 21 year existence.
September 1999 PLASA 99 – released FLEXIPAC and DMX424. Multiform becomes the distributor of Meteor (USA) and Magic Lighting (Taiwan).
October 2000 Disaster struck Uckfield when the river Uck flooded the industrial estate. Multiform’s UK factory was under 1/2m of water and out of business for 6 months.
Oct 2000-March 2001 UK factory cleaned up, re-decorated and re-equipped.
December 2002 UK factory was closed down and manufacturing relocated to an EMS provider
April 2003 Multiform focuses on product design, technical support and manufacturing management. Distribution handled by Light Engineering, London.
March 2007 The Multiform brand and product IP is acquired by a member of the ADELTO group network, with ambitious plans to move into LED lighting and rejuvenate the product line. The new partner provides fresh engineering resources, serious manufacturing capabilities in Asia and a global distribution approach. Iain Price-Smith stays on as a consultant to the new management – his 36th year with Multiform.
September 2007 The LS LED lighting range is unveiled at PLASA 2007. Customers are impressed with light output, design, ease-of-use and workmanship of the new product line.
November 2007 The LC300H RGB LED controller is unveiled at the 2007 LDI show -the first controller making the power of LED color mixing available to anyone without the hassle of programming.
January 2008 Multiform moves back in to the Powerpack market with two cleverly designed units, the LP405D 4-channel wall-mount dimmer pack and the LP208S 2-channel wall-mount switch pack.
May 2008 Multiform unveils a new entry level LED fixture, the LS1195 Multispot Eco ©, at the PALM show 2008 in Beijing. At the same time, two high power fixtures using a newly developed MulTriCell © 3W RGB LED, are shown for the first time to the public – the LS1009 Multispot HP © and the LS1018 Multibeam ©.
November 2008 A new linear LED device, named LS1243 Multiwall ©, is launched at the Hongkong international lighting fair as an entry into decorative wall illumination.