LP405D MultiPac

Even though the Multipac © LP405D is an up-to-date, modern 4-channel DMX wall-pack dimmer design, it is at the same a true legacy product – because Multiform builds dimmers for professional applications since decades, so all our knowledge and experience has been put into this nifty little unit. This dimmer can serve as a stand-alone dimmer with local level adjustments and even chaser presets, but also as a remotely controlled unit with very flexible DMX implementation which can run all 4 outputs separate, in groups of two or all from one DMX channel. A truly outstanding feature is the limiter which makes sure that the unit never exceeds 16A current drawn from its input, avoiding the circuit breaker of the supply to blow which is especially useful in smaller setups for bands and DJs. The carrying handle on this unit and the detachable power cord proclaim the mission: ready for any dimming job anywhere!


  • Portable 4-channel x5A SCR-based dimmer pack
  • Total maximum load 16 A, in-built current sensing limiter
  • DMX512 control
  • 9 internal chaser programs for stand-alone operation
  • Channel potentiometers for setting a scene without external control
  • Foot switch input for black out function
  • Editable parameters:
    Dimmer curve (lin/log)
    Switch/dim function (per channel)
    Preheat (0/3/6%)
    Level limit (per channel)
    Output configuration (4×1 channel, 2×2 channel, 1×4 channel)
  • Switchable DMX termination
  • Safety lug mounting point
  • Output coils mounted in damping rubber suspension
  • Screw-mounted 25 A oversized triacs with individual fuse per channel
  • Input filter to comply with EN61000-3-3 flicker regulations
  • IEC-C20 socket for detachable power cord (open-end cord supplied)
  • M10 thread insert for truss clamp
  • M6 safety lug mounting point
  • Sturdy all-metal cabinet design
  • Handle for convenient transportation
  • Convection-cooled for silent operation
  • Available in IEC, Schuko and NEMA output configurations



  • Power handling: 4 channels x5 A
  • max. total load: 16 A, in-built current limiter
  • Input: IEC60320-C20
  • Output: IEC, Schuko or NEMA
  • Supply voltage: 220-250 V, 50 Hz (IEC/Schuko), 110-120 V, 60 Hz (NEMA)
  • Dimension 234.0 x 162.0 x 81.0 mm
  • WxHxD (with handle)
  • Weight: 2.8 kg



EMC/Safety Compliance:

  • EU safety: EN 60065:2001 +A1
  • EU EMC: EN50081-1, EN50082-1
  • EU Harmonics: EN61000-3-2:2001
  • EU Flicker: EN61000-3-3:1995
  • US safety: UL60065
  • US EMC: FCC Part 15

This product meets both the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

Environmental Compliance:

  • This product is manufactured in accordance with EG directive 2002/95/EG of the European Union on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS).
  • This product does not contain more than 0.1% of weight of the SVHCs listed in annex XIV of the REACH regulation EC 1907/2006.



LP405D MultiPac Datasheet (pdf), 211.2 KiB
LP405D MultiPac Manual User Manual (pdf), 642.3 KiB



EU (Schuko) Version: 99-010-0047-00001-9-01
IEC Version: 99-010-0047-00001-9-21
NEMA Version: 99-010-0047-00001-9-41